Adventures in science fiction

I’ve been writing a “proper” science fiction story lately, one filled with gadgets!!1! (Well, just one gadget that is particularly sciencey.)

I watch, read and play a lot of science fiction; it’s one of my favourite genres. Space ships, seemingly magical technology and super heroes are among my favourite things. When characters rant on about calibrations and chameleon circuits everything seems effortless, the words wash over my head and I’m left with a general feeling of Ah, yes. Science. but how to write it well has eluded me.

(One of the main reasons I won’t ever write Doctor Who fan fiction is because it would just be too difficult for me to get right.)

There must be some kind of formula. I’m sure I will crack it one day, many lollies, movies, TV shows and friends later on. But for now I guess I will just have to resort to calling things “gadgets” and other sciencey words.

This is also a little bit related and a lot amusing: If all stories were written like science fiction stories by Mark Rosenfelder. It’s definitely something I’m keeping in mind when writing my super sciencey story.

The very first thing I got published

I’ve only been published twice, so that’s not really going back very far.

Reading back over it, I die a little inside. There are punctuation errors (the first sentence has a comma splice! The horror! The shame!) and if I were to re-write it now, I do hope it would be better overall.

But it is what it is and it was the best I could do when it was published.

The story is called Weightless and is on page 35 of Cursive Scripts, published by NMIT.

Here is the PDF.