Writing style is something I never really worried about until this year until someone pointed it out to me. Some vague amount of time ago, I decided that I’m was going to be a YA author. I’ve always liked YA and recently I’ve been reading a lot of terrible YA for my thesis project (not all of it is terrible), and so I’ve unconsciously absorbed a lot of terrible, lazy habits.

So I go to uni and study creative writing, but I think that I don’t really have a writing style to call my own. I can kind of manage one in my short short stories, but I find this much harder when writing anything above 500 words. Sustaining that style just becomes too hard and so I get lazy. I tried to start my thesis story a while back, got to 5k words and then saw it was just a reproduction of the YA that shits me up the wall; my story was flavourless.

I think this piece, called Salt and published in Deakin University’s writers’ club’s publication (phew), Wordly, is the beginnings of what could be my own style, but I don’t know.


Right now I can’t write like that for very long, the piece above is only 300 or so words, but I want to have my own voice. So that’s a side-goal for my honours year, I guess.

(Also, what a cool font my story is in. Whoever chose that is a genius, I say!)


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