Scoff zine

scoffScoff is a zine about food! Put together by some peeps at RMIT, it’s got heaps of cute comics inside.

You can read it for free here.

And I’ve got a comic in there! (I am now officially, a published ~*~*CoMiCeRRrr, which I believe is the technical term.) Hommus Wife is my contribution, written because one of my friends just really likes hommus.

(Also, timecowboy‘s got a comic in there and he is one of my fav tumblr comic people, so it’s super exciting being in something with him!)

NaNoWriMo again

My novel so far:


… in word cloud form. I guess that the don is from all the don’ts that I leave the t’s off, because STRAYA.

In all honesty I thought fuckin would be there a whole heap more (but there is also fuck, so I guess that counts for something). This year, I’m extending the zombie story that I got published a few months ago, and it’s more explicitly YA. I’ve also got another MC in there, so there are two main narratives that will merge at … some point.

As of 15,000 words in I only have two more chapters plotted until I’m winging it. So I assume the two groups will meet, who knows.