Comic happenings

So my friend is super good at drawing and we decided we wanted to do a thing together, so a webcomic is happening! We’ve planned out the first year of storylines and I’m in the process of writing chapter one.

The basic premise is that a vampire, werewolf, fairy and ghost have just moved in together. Now, that’s been done before a few times, but what we’re doing is a lot of silly nonsense, really.

None of this dark vampire underground business, none of these grisly murders, just a bunch of twenty somethings living together trying to live, really, just with some added features like fangs and monthly transformations into hairy beasts. Y’know, whatevs.

I’m not sure when this’ll all be up, but if you like comics that are:

  • hilarious (hopefully my jokes are funny to other people)
  • set in Melbourne
  • full of queers
  • and diversity!!!!
  • free to read

… then you should watch this space!