review plans

I’m starting my PhD in YA lit next month and so my plan is to read a book a month that is relevant to my topic. My thesis is focusing on non-binary gender, bisexual identities and coming out so I guess my reviews are going to mostly focus on these aspects of the books. It’s also (hopefully) going to serve as a catalogue for my own research, but it might be useful for other people so here we are.

I’m gonna read books where any MC/major character is any kind of queer though, so not all of them will have either nb or bi characters. I am also probably going to include some NA books, too.

Aaaand if you have any reccs, pls let me know either on twitter or email me at alisonevanssmith at gmail dot com. I also have a list of books I’m planning to read (or have previously read) over on goodreads.


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