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National Young Writers Festival
Late Night Readings: Thursday
Sep 27
Writers share who or what makes their hearts sing in this ‘Crush’ themed late night reading. Heartbreak and spirit-destroying disappointment may also feature. Laugh, cry and smile at this festival favourite. [x]

What I Wish I Knew Then
Sep 30
Are you ever too young to kickstart your writing career? These writers and editors discuss what they wish they knew when they started out. [x]

Writing a Novel
Sep 30
Alison and their editor Angela will discuss the journey of publishing Alison’s novel Ida — the writing and editing process, and what advice they’d give young writers. [x]

Dramatic Retelling
Sep 30
It’s a sweet collabo between NYWF and Crack X! Four Crack X actors read four NYWF artists’ best short works. Grab some malteasers, it’s blockbuster entertainment by literary festival standards.  [x]